Use case : Real time player profile for WoW

With game-scan module you could easily interact with implemented game’s api. For instance, with WoW game, you should make a real time profile of a character with only his name and his realm. These feature have been implemented on Blizzheart website.


You could see a profile here
Develop this feature on wordpress – as a plugin – is quite simple. Composer will be use to manage and loead all dependancies. Then the wordpress cron will fill all meta based on provided data. It’s all !

For working the game-scan module need an api key available on Developer battle net website , you have to set this key on .env file.

A special thanks to Blizzheart team to accept using this project – a new project – and become a kind of beta tester when they implement wow profiles.
Soon I will publish source of a tweet bot. It’s tweet all new activity of a player.


Used Module : Game-scan/WoW

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